Automated Online Backup

With NovatechCloud, your files are automatically and silently backed up in the background without interfering with your work.

Secure Storage

Novatech Cloud stores your data using Google Cloud; the largest and most secure data storage infrastructure, in the world.

Easy to Use

With an incredibly intuitive desktop application and online control panel, Novatech Cloud is one of the most user friendly online backup products on the internet.

100% Automated

With Novatech Cloud you set it and forget it, choose what files and folders you want to backup, then never worry again as everything is done automatically.

Encrypted & Secure

Novatech Cloud takes the security of your data very seriously. Your data is encrypted at all stages during transfer and stored in an encrypted state until you need it.

Sync all your files across all your devices

Automatically sync files across platforms and multiple devices. Novatech Cloud makes file synchronization simple and fast.

Cross Platform Syncing

Novatech Cloud makes syncing super simple. Easily sync files between your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android in an instant.

Sync Folder

Each desktop client comes with a preinstalled sync folder that acts as a portal for your files between multiple devices.

Free Sync Space

Each and every subscription plan comes with 1GB of free sync space. More space is available should you ever require it.

Secure Syncing

Exactly the same encryption is used on files stored in your sync folder as the files that are backed up to the cloud.

Browse, backup and sync, all from your mobile

NovatechCloud's suite of mobile applications will allow your data to always be at your finger tips.

Easy to Use

All of our mobile applications have been built and designed to be intuitive, user friendly and convenient. Check the out in the App Store or App Marketplace.

Remote File Access

By using any of the Novatech Cloud applications you will be able to access all of your backed up files on the go.

Great Mobile Features

The mobile suite offers loads of cool features such as, voice recorder, doodle pad, integrated camera roll backup, integrated email and social sharing and remote backup management.

Mobile Picture Backups

Camera Roll Backup is one of the coolest features of the Novatech Cloud mobile apps. Easily store all your Camera Roll photos in the cloud.

Share files and folders anytime, anywhere

NovatechCloud gives you the option to share your files and folders between friends and family. You can invite them by email, Facebook, Twitter or giving them your own custom link.

File Sharing

Sharing a file with Novatech Cloud is super easy and all contained within the file browser, located in the online control panel.

Folder Sharing

In addition to file sharing, Novatech Cloud also offers it users folder sharing. with folder sharing you can manage who is sharing the folder with you.

Secure Sharing

All sharing is located within the secure online control panel. Keeping sharing inside the control panel keeps your files safe.

Public Sharing

Coming soon........ Public sharing will allow you to give a link to a friend to be able to download a file you want to share with them

Your files are our top priority

NovatechCloud takes the safety and security of your files very seriously; your data is constantly encrypted using a 256 bit secured socket layer encryption.


By utilising Google Cloud our data is incredibly robust and replicated multiple times across multiple locations.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is the market leader in enterprising cloud storage and we make use of their expertise to help us provide an industry leading product.

Encrypted and Secure

Your files are encrypted at all stages of transfer and storage using a combination of 128bit SSL and 256bit AES encryption keys.

What is Encryption?

Encryption is the process of transforming a information using an algorithm to make it completely unreadable except to those possessing a key for it.

Access Files Anywhere

With Novatech Cloud’s online control panel and mobile site, your data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Applications

The iOS and Android applications gives the option of quick access to all your backed up data and synced files.

Mobile Site

Novatech Cloud keeps it website fully optimized for mobile browsing and use, meaning you can use it as if you were on your desktop.

Online Control Panel

The online control panel gives you complete remote access to your backed up files wherever you are in the world. Your files, wherever you are.

Remote File Access

With so many ways of giving you secure access to your files, Novatech Cloud is the ‘must have’ software for gaining remote access to your files.

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